So what is Sleep Retreat? It’s many things on a few possible different levels but in a nutshell, Sleep Retreat is an antidote to 21st century living brought to you by Robby and Josie da Bank. The hustle and bustle, incessant chatter of news and social media and the endless deadlines of modern living have got everyone whizzing round in ever decreasing, faster circles of panic. Sleep Retreat is a way out, an alternative, a blissful lie down on a soothing lounger of relaxation and calm.

Sleep Retreat could be a 2 hour turbo recharge for burnt out office executives at their workplace, it’s also already a popular wellness area at festivals worldwide providing much needed meditation, yoga and mindful activity away from the noise or it could be an invigorating stay in our beautiful Isle of Wight Sleep Retreat home complete with sumptuously furnished teepees and yurts leading down to the sea and a wild green forest.

Whatever you need and however you need it Robby and Josie and the team will custom manage and curate a Sleep Retreat just for you and your family, team or friends.