lizzie ball

I’ve always found Rob to have an extremely calming aura which was a big part of the enjoyment of working with him on various musical projects over the years. Learning OGM mediation from him has been such a brilliant experience, not just because he teaches it so clearly and engagingly but his personality lends itself so beautifully to the spiritual side of the practice.

alice aird

 I just wanted to let you know that Robby was a great teacher. The group he ran really connected because of his laid back attitude we all relaxed and the practice has given me some of my best days yet. I’m so pleased I did the course and would just love to do a group meditation one of these days. He’s been a really inspiring guide.

trudi dalling

 As someone who has never done self guided meditation before, Robby’s relaxed teaching style has given me all the tools I need to carry forward into my daily practice.  His explanations and analogies are easy to follow and even though I’m only a few weeks in I already feel a lot calmer and have much less anxiety. I feel very lucky to be part of such a supportive group of likeminded people, with Robby at the helm steering the way.

tom fenning

Robby’s teaching has been amazing. I’ve been trying to meditate over the past few years, with varying levels of success, but after the course with Robbie I feel I have found a great practice I can really use. His calming presence, guidance and voice has really worked for me and I’m practicing every day. Highly recommended! 

Jamie Watherston

A perfectly paced introduction to Meditation which delivers immediate results

Kate Peers

The course was possibly the beneficial use of my time 2020, I know that it will be beneficial for the rest of this year and many years to come. Robby was approachable, welcoming and taught in a way that I could really relate to. There was no judgement and the group felt like a very safe place to be open to express our various experiences.

Kit Carter

Robby delivered the course in a really accessible and clear way. Despite taking place via Zoom he managed to make it feel personal and inclusive and created a lovely supportive dynamic between the participants with plenty of opportunities to share our experiences. I really think this will be life-changing. I already feel real benefits and definite changes. I look forward to my meditations. I feel calmer, more able to focus on one thing at a time and more accepting my myself. I want everyone I know to learn this. 

Rachel savage

I really enjoyed the online meditation course with Robby this week, at first I was nervous about it being via zoom, but it actually worked perfectly as it was easier to fit into my day. The teaching was really simple to follow, relaxed and without judgment. I have committed to the 60 day challenge and looking forward to seeing where it takes me. I would really recommend giving it a try.